Baby Swimming

by Almira on July 1, 2010 · 0 comments

I was mortified when I first watched this YouTube video (below) on infant swimming. The idea of a baby falling into the pool, fully clothed in pajamas and coughing up water made me wonder why everyone, including Child Services, hadn’t banned the idea. It was disturbing at best; however, I’ve known many families that had a baby either drown in their own pool, a river/lake, the ocean, and even the bathtub.

Video not showing up? Watch the Baby Survival Video here

The Foundation For Aquatic Injury Protection reports:

  • More than half of drownings among infants (under age 1) occur in bathtubs.
  • More than 85 percent of drownings among children ages 1 to 4 are pool related.

Video not showing up? Watch the baby swimming class video here

It’s commonplace for a parent to be concerned about their baby around water, but why not add a little insurance to the mix and teach the little one how to swim and save itself while waiting for your rescue?

Infant Swimming Resource Motto: “The Sooner. The Safer.”

I’d love to hear your opinions. What do you think? Would you teach your baby to swim?

Photo by Seriously Fun.

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