World’s Tallest Roses Are Also Sustainable: VeriFlora

by Almira on August 13, 2010 · 0 comments

World's Tallest Roses : VeriFlora

VeriFlora is a sustainable farm that grows fair trade, certified organic roses in the mountains of Ecuador, with blooming stems that can reach the heights of 5-6 feet tall. The workers are compensated fairly and their children are provided with daycare and meals during the workday, as well as free classes on organic gardening, finance and other basic skills—and they offer micro loans! We should have companies doing that here in the U.S.!

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My husband just recently surprised me with three dozen roses and I have to admit that I wondered if they were organic, but what was I supposed to say? “I sure hope these are organic, or I don’t want them…”;) I’m not that heartless!

I definitely think that buying certified organic and creating a demand for it with our voting-dollar is great and necessary for change to occur, but they can be hard to come by and slightly more taxing on the pocket book, which makes it less of something that the mainstream will likely be seeking out on their own.

My solution: definitely create a demand (which will make them cheaper in the long run) and ask your local florist to sell certified organic flowers, purchase them if available while supporting the cause of fair treatment to workers and the planet—or just grow your own organic flowers!

GARDENING TIP: VeriFlora’s secret to growing these amazing blooms is found in companion planting with chamomile and mint!

Watch the clip here (its a bit low-quality).

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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