The Monsanto Wars

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A Little Shout-Out For Farmers

Monsanto and the Frankenstein of Food: GMOs

Local Farmers create an anti-Monsanto symbol on their crops

Upon watching Food, Inc. and David Versus Monsanto (see full version here), I was introduced to the farming world in the U.S and got a sneak peak of some of the struggles farmers face daily. The likes of Monsanto and their industry of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are wreaking some terrible havoc, “If you are contaminated, against your wishes, by Monsanto’s GMOs, you no longer own your seeds or plants. They become the ownership of a corporation, in this case, Monsanto,” says Percy Schmeiser, a canola farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada. He claims his fields were contaminated with the Roundup Ready Canola genes, ruining 50 years of work on his 1400 acre farm in breeding saved seeds. The lawsuit lasted 3 years, and ended in favor of Percy and his wife, Louise. See Monsanto’s defense here.

More recently, an Australian certified organic farmer lost his farm certification due to a GM contamination from Monsanto Canola, but things seem to be just as tricky in Australia as they are here in the U.S against this “Goliath” of a company as its tentacles also seem to just as tightly wrapped around their government policy makers.

A little more about how GMOs work:

Want To Take Action? Fighting against big corporations sounds daunting, but Organic Consumers and Millions Against Monsanto are a good start. The best way you can defeat the likes of Monsanto is by supporting sustainable agriculture everyday: buy organic foods and or organically grow your own food with non-GMO seeds. If there was more of a demand for certified organic foods farmers would support it and make the switch. One farmer from Food, Inc. says, “People have got to start demanding good, wholesome food of us, and we’ll deliver, I promise you.”

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