Water Series: The Incredible, Edible…Fluoride

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“The Incredible, Edible Fluoride” might have fooled a few people 50 years ago, but today we’re not so mystified. As it turns out, its not all that incredible or edible.

In 1950, the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed fluoridation of our municipal water systems.

Fluoride is a toxic waste-product complimentary of the phosphate fertilizer industry. The fertilizer industry had this fabulous idea to cheaply rid themselves of their production waste by selling it to the government with the idea that hydrofluorosilic acid helps prevent tooth decay if used as a water additive. Hydrofluorosilic acid is an industrial-grade, un-purified and corrosive form of fluoride, and yet, despite the increasing evidence of its negative effects on human health, the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control continue to promote and mandate water fluoridation.

The effects are rather ugly.

  • Inhibits proper functioning of the thyroid gland
  • Weakens the bones
  • Kills beneficial enzymes of the digestion system
  • Attacks hypothalamus gland in brain
  • Creates irreversible dental fluoridation in children

Yay. Where do I sign up?

I suppose the overarching question is: why would a toxin so scrumptious be allowed in our daily drinking and bathing water, but more importantly, how to we change that?

What to do?

How can you limit your intake of fluoride?


  • Reverse Osmosis and Activated Alumina filters are two types of filters will remove more than 90% of fluoride in your water.
  • Distilled Water can be purchased or you can have a (rather expensive) distiller installed in your home.
  • Spring Water Dispenser is an easy option to rent/buy. 5 gallon jugs of fresh spring water are delivered to your home on a regular basis.

We’ve taken the quick and cheap path by simply refilling our 5 gallon jugs with reverse osmosis drinking water at our local grocery store every couple of weeks. In order to truly filter all of your home’s water, you’d need to purchase/install a home water filter system—which can be quite spendy. I’m not at that stage yet. I need to do more research. Baby steps…


We use Eco Dent Toothpowder (for reasons other than the fact that its fluoride-free—more on that later), but there are tons of brands out there that do Fluoride-Free toothpaste these days including: Jason and Tom’s of Maine.


Sign petitions with the Fluoride Action Network, join conversations in forums, write a letter to your congressman, etc.

Learn More:

An interesting interview on the great fluoride debate with award-wining journalist and author of The Fluoride Deception, Christopher Bryson, can be viewed in 3 parts (approx. 29 min long): Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.

The Case Against Fluoride




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